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Popular Places
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North Luzon l South Luzon

South Luzon

Moving down south from North Luzon is none other than South Luzon with its many rich offerings for an unforgettable trip to the Philippines. Tourists to this southern part of Luzon will not be disappointed, as there are many wonderful places to visit. Some of the not-to-be-missed destinations include Bicol and the country's capital, Manila.


At the southern extent of Luzon lies the Bicol region. It is a peninsula of diversity, punctuated by Mount Mayon. The Mount is still active and is perhaps the world's most perfectly shaped volcano.

One can find the world's tiniest fish swimming in a lake near the most perfectly shaped volcano on earth. Divers will have a whale of a time diving in the islands, offshore of magical and enchanting region of Bicol. With its offering of some of the whitest beaches and the clearest coral-reefed, it is no wonder this place is so popular among tourists.


Manila, the country's capital is on the southern end of Luzon. This city of many striking contrasts is chaotic and filled with bizarre vignettes. Like most capital cities in the world, Manila is not short of glass and steel skyscrapers as well as concrete images of past heroes. A bustling city of many activities, Manila has many attractions to offer tourists. Its unique combination of past influences has helped create a city of both old and new from ancestral churches to the latest shopping mall.

For those who doesn't mind the noise nor the busyness that a big city has to offer, Manila is the ideal place to visit. Today, this city is a fast growing cosmopolitan with countless opportunities and possibilities for the adventurous tourist. Eight cities and nine municipalities have been developed and added with the original Intramuros for the new Metro Manila.

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