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Grab a few packet of Longjing or Dragon Well tea when you are in Hangzhou. This specialty was once served as a tribute to the court and is known for its fresh, aromatic flavor. It is a wonderful accompaniment after a heavy Chinese dinner and is believed to enhance health and vitality. Hangzhou silk is also a favorite among shoppers. They are superior in quality and there are many designs and varieties to choose from. An acclaimed brand is the Dujingsheng Brocade, which has won several international awards.

An unusual gift to take home would be scissors and the Zhang Xiaoquan scissors in Hangzhou are famous throughout and noted for their sharpness. In addition to that, Xiaoshan lace, also found in Hangzhou, is handmade and boasts beautiful patterns. Fans are popular buys too; there are two types of Wangxinji fans - sandalwood or paper. Sandalwood fans are usually intricately carved and add a whiff of light perfume to the air when used. Both types of fans are famed for their fine material and delicate Chinese patterns. Another souvenir to look out for is the light and colorful bamboo-framed parasol.



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