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Shanghai is one big shopping center, if you know what I mean. Your shopping desires can be satiated here, as there are countless shopping streets and departmental stores in Shanghai. Silk dresses would be good buys as Shanghainese tailors are arguably the best in China. Other value-for-money items include down jackets, stenciled T-shirts, gold and silver ornaments, enamelware, embroidered clothing, tea, and antiques. Shoes and bags are reasonably priced, if you are not too fussy about styles. Major shopping streets in Shanghai are Nanjing Donglu, Huaihai Zhonglu, Ruijinlu, Sichuan Beilu, Jinling Donglu, and Nanjing Xilu. However, shopping is a local pastime in Shanghai, so be prepared to jostle your way through big crowds, especially during weekends.



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