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Lake Biwa-ko

Lake Biwa-ko is Japan's largest freshwater lake that dominates the Shiga prefecture. The attractions around the lake usually make good day trips from Kyoto or stopovers from Tokyo. The major places of interest are Otsu and Hikone.


From a 7th Century imperial residence, the town of Otsu has developed into a lake port and a major post station on the Tokaido highway between eastern and western Japan. Currently, it acts as the capital of Shiga prefecture. The headquarters of the Jimon branch of the Tendai school of Buddhism is found here. The Mii-dera Temple (formally known as Onjo-ji Temple) is a mere 10 minute walk from Keihan Hama-Otsu station. To reach Otsu, take the JR Tokaido line from Kyoto to Otsu station or the Keihan line from Keihan-sanjo station in Kyoto to Hama-Otsu station.


The town of Shigaraki is a magnet to those who love pottery. It is one of the Ancient Six Kilns of Japan that has acquired a reputation for high-quality stoneware. The most popular product is the tanuki figure, a ceramic raccoon-like animal that can bring about much luck to the owner. These figures are often placed in front of many Japanese businesses and homes. The town can be reached by the JR train from Kyoto or Osaka. However, it does require up to three transfers. The bus is a much easier option. From JR Ishiyama station, the journey will only take about an hour.


Hikone is the second largest city in the Shiga prefecture and its dominant attraction is the Hikone-jo Castle. The castle, which was completed in 1622, is said to be one of the finest remaining castles in Japan. Visitors are greeted by a majestic view of the lake from the upper storeys of the castle. As the castle is surrounded by over 1000 cherry trees, it is a popular spot for spring-time cherry blossom (hanami) activities. The Hikone-jo Castle Museum sits next to the main gate of the castle and items for viewing include armour, pottery, and calligraphy. To reach Hikone, visitors can take the JR Tokaido line train from Kyoto or Osaka.

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