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As Japan's third largest city, Osaka is the commercial and industrial centre, as well as the main transportation and communications hub of western Japan. Together with Tokyo, it is also a major gateway to Japan. Osaka is a major metropolis that pulsates with tremendous energy and vitality. Its popularity lies with the birth of traditional theatricals like Kabuki, Bunraku puppet dramas, and culinary delights. The city's leading pleasures are its pursuit of fine cuisine and night life, which is evident in the countless number of restaurants, bars, and night clubs located all over the city.

The people from Osaka pride themselves on their down-to-earth manners and boisterous ways. Even their local dialect can be compared with London's cockney accent, which is rough and colourful yet interesting.

Osaka is undoubtedly a working and "making money" city. This probably stems from its historical roots, where it was once the merchant capital of Japan before Tokyo was even established as a city. It was thus the centre of foreign trade and this makes the city a popular place for foreigners. In fact, Osaka has always had a large foreign population, especially those from Korea and China.

Throughout the years, Tokyo began to assume Osaka's position as the economic centre of Japan and companies also started relocating their headquarters to Tokyo. Nonetheless, Osaka has remained a powerful economic centre.

Getting There

By Air : Two airports service Osaka city. There is the old Itami airport, which handles mostly domestic airline, as well as Kansai international airport, which handles the main bulk of air traffic. The Kansai international airport, Japan's first 24 hour airport, insinuates the making of Osaka into another major air centre.

By Rail : The centre of the extensive rail network that extends across the Kansai region is Osaka. There are various shinkansen (bullet trains) services available from Osaka. Apart from the shinkansen, private rail lines, such as the Hankyu and Kintetsu lines are also available.

By Boat : International ferry services are available from Osaka to Shanghai in China. The ferries leave twice monthly from Osaka Nanko International Ferry Terminal. Take the new tram service from Suminoe-koen station to Nankoguchi station to reach the ferry terminal. Ferry services are also available to various destinations, such as Honshu, Kyushu, and Shikoku. However, the ferries depart from Nanko, Kanomefuto, and Benten-futo piers.

Getting Around

Osaka is well-serviced by the subway, and a JR Loop Line, or JR Kanjo-sen, circles the city area. The loop line is sufficient enough to move around the city unless visitors miss the last train. Subway and JR stations are signposted in both English and Japanese. Most visitors will find the Midosuji line the most convenient as it travels between the north and south, passing through main areas. Osaka does have its own bus system although it is not as convenient as the subway.

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