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The prefecture of Mie is adjacent to the cities of Osaka and Nagoya. The lands are rich with one-third of the entire prefecture designated as natural parks. Tranquility descends the region, with the coastline in the east and mountains in the west. It is culturally blessed with a diverse list of credits to its name.

Iga Region

The Iga area has long been noted as the birthplace of Ninjas, enigmatic people who wore black costumes and baffled enemies with mysterious tricks. Located in the midst of mountains, the area continues to retain its historical culture.

The Ueno Castle, whose stone moat wall is the tallest in Japan, dominates the centre of the Iga area. Many similar castles were built in other parts of Japan throughout the 15th Century, a time when Ninjas were most active. Also, visitors will be able to see the spacious park and Ninja Museum around Ueno Castle.

Among the many national parks found in mountainous Mie, the most beautiful is Akame 48 Waterfalls, with its numerous waterfalls, ravines, and trees whose leaves change colours each season. It makes for a perfect hiking area and is ranked among the top one hundred waterfalls and forest areas in Japan.

There are also other interesting places to see and things to do in the Iga region. The Shin Daibutsu Temple and a homemade farm are examples of other spots worth visiting.

Ise-Shima Region

With much help from the Ise Grand Shrine, Ise-Shima has become the main tourist region of Mie. The Grand shrine is one of the most famous shrines in Japan since days of yonder. The shrine is made up of two buildings: the Imperial Shrine (inner or Naiku shrine), which is dedicated to the Sun Goddess Amaterasu Omitami, and the Toyouke Shrine (outer or Geku shrine), which is dedicated to the Goddess of Cereals Toyouke Omikami. Other buildings that include ancillary shrines, workshops, and storehouses accompany both the inner and outer shrines.

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