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Popular Places
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South Korea is made up of 9 different provinces (do): Kyonggi-do, Kangwon-do, Ch'ungch'ongbuk-do, Ch'ungch'ongnam-do, Chollabuk-do, Chollanam-do, Kyongsangbuk-do, Kyongsangnam-do, and Cheju-do. Seoul, the capital and the heart of South Korea is located in the province of Kyonggi-do. There are 6 other metropolitan cities and they are Pusan, Taegu, Inch'on, Kwangju, Taejon, and Ulsan.

The central area of Korea encompasses Ch'ungch'ong-do province. It is an area filled with broad stretches of paddy field, interspersed with rugged mountains...

Chejudo is one of the nine provinces of Korea. It is only an hour's flight south of Seoul and less than that from Pusan or Taegu. Chejudo is Korea's largest island and living folk village...

The eastern area of Korea has a perfect combination of mountains and beaches. Historical sites and beautiful scenery can be found not only in the small coastal towns, but also in the remote forested mountains, which boasts ski resorts and other recreational facilities...

Seoul was made Korea's capital city in 1394 at the beginning of the Choson Dynasty (1392-1910). It is the financial, political, commercial, recreational, educational, and cultural center of the republican nation

Korea's southeastern area is the richest in terms of tourist attractions.

Korea's southwestern area has been strongly influenced by the Paekche Kingdom. Rich with rice fields, it is often nicknamed the "rice bin" of Korea...


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