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Mt Kayasan National Park & Haeinsa Temple

Built in 802A.D., Haeinsa Temple is one of the three greatest temples in Korea. There are a number of art treasures in its more than 90 buildings (shrines, hermitages, and subtemples). Today, it is chiefly known as the depository of the Tripitaka Koreana, which is a set of over 80,000 wooden printing blocks engraved with one of the most comprehensive compilations of the Buddhist scriptures in East Asia. They were completed in 1251 as a plea to Buddha in an effort to ward off a Mongolian invasion. The blocks are still in perfect condition and can be used for printing. Incidentally, it is located within Mt Kayasan National Park, which is also the fifth national park to be established in Korea.

Ch'omsongdae Observatory

Ch'omsongdae Observatory is the world's earliest known existing observatory. Archeologists worldwide admire this 7th century bottle-shaped stone structure, probably built during the reign of Queen Songdok. Its diameter at its base is 5.17m and it stands 9.4m high.

Tumuli Park

Tumuli Park is a collection of royal Shilla tombs located in the middle of Kyongju. The park contains 20 of the more than 200 royal tombs to be found in Kyongju. In 1974, Ch'onmach'ong (Flying Horse Tomb) was excavated. It revealed more than 10,000 treasures, including a golden crown and girdle that are now placed in the Kyongju National Museum. The tomb itself is open for viewing to provide visitors with the opportunity to see how the huge tombs were constructed and how various items were arranged in them. Visitors should be prepared to take the time for a peaceful stroll in this serene park.

Kyongju National Museum

The Kyongju National Museum is a treasure house of cultural remains, including Shilla-era accessories, magnificent gold crowns, Buddhist artifacts, stone sculptures, earthenware, and stone implements from the Prehistoric Age. The museum houses the legendary Divine Bell of King Songdok, also called the Emille Bell. It is one of the largest and most resonant bells in Asia; 25 tons of bronze standing 11 feet high.


Andong is one of the last living remains of Old Korea. It is a treasure trove of Confucian tradition, which has been the base of Koreans' spiritual world. Visitors can expect to be charmed by the ancient homes of yangban (noblemen). Gentlemen dressed in ancestral attire are commonly seen on Andong's streets. Tosan Sowon, a Confucian Academy founded by the scholar Yi T'oe-gye in the 16th century is also located nearby.

Hahoe Folk Village

Hahoe Folk Village is made up of approximately 130 houses. They range from large to small, nobility to commoners, and have been well preserved by the same families for generations. The Korean government had designated Hahoe as a historic preservation site. The village is known for its special form of mask dance drama (Hahoe T'alch'um), and is the site of a famous shamanisitc ceremony, the Pyolshingut.


Pusan is Korea's principal international port and second largest city. It is also the primary port for ferry service to Japan and is the gateway to the Hallyosudo Waterway and its picturesque islands. Pusan has first-class hotels and restaurants to match its excellent beaches and outstanding shopping and sightseeing areas. On top of that, its immediate surroundings include a number of historic Buddhist temples and hot springs, where you can cleanse yourself from the cares of modern life.

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