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Welcome to Melaka Hotel & Information

Melaka Introduction

The city was so coveted by the European powers that the Portuguese writer Barbarosa wrote "Whoever is Lord in Malacca has his hand on the throat of Venice." It was a major port along the spice-route, and its harbor bristled with the sails and masts of Chinese junks and spice-laden vessels from all over the hemisphere. Because the city was originally built of wood, there are no crumbling and stately reminders of the power once wielded by the Malaccan Sultanate, but along shores of the Malacca River the scene has probably changed little.
Hotel Name Price From
Novotel Hotel Melaka Star Rating 391  276 MYR
Doubletree By Hilton Melaka Star Rating 397  288 MYR
The Pines Melaka Star Rating 300  223 MYR

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