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Welcome to Tiga Island Resort & Information

Tiga Island Introduction

Make your way to the district of Kuala Penyu and hop on a boat to Pulau Tiga! The island’s claim to fame is none other than being the first ever ‘secret’ location for the hit reality series, ‘Survivor’. Hence, many refer to Pulau Tiga as Survivor Island. Located just 10km off shore on the West Coast of Sabah, you can enjoy a day trip to the island but many recommend spending at least a night or two.

How to Get There

Kuala Penyu is 120km from Kota Kinabalu city. Take a bus from the Segama overhead bridge (next to the Post Office) and a one way-trip will cost you approximately RM18.00++. A taxi ride from the taxi stand next to the Merdeka Field should cost around RM180.00++ (up to groups of four) per way.

Tiga Island, Pulau Tiga Resort

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